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Divergent Thinking

They say that schooling children at an early age destroys their inherent capability of divergent thinking … of thinking out of the box… of finding new solutions and new answers. In school there is ‘one correct answer’ that the teacher knows and students have to learn and reproduce to get ‘full marks’ or good grades.

Homeschooling on the other hand lets children develop their faculty of divergent thinking without oppression and fear of failure or ‘low marks’. I have seen numerous examples of this in our 10+ years of homeschooling, but here is one on record:

H (the big Sis or Biggie) was preparing her presentation on ‘The Silver Dirham – the Power of Shahadah’. Her sisters and I were the dummy audience. She began by showing coins from different countries and saying that they all carry the message of nationalism. Then she asked the audience, “what can money be used for or what is its purpose?”. The answers were:

A (the mid sis or Middie): It can be used to buy stuff. It can also be used to fool someone, who is not careful enough, to make him greedy and get him too involved in gathering money so that he turns away from his Lord.

H2 (the lil sis or Lillie): You can use it to pay at the toll plaza if you’re going to the village!

Mom (getting clue from the girls): It can be used to earn Jannah (heaven) if you spend it in Allah’s way.


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