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The TV Speaks

Of the many awesome presentations we’ve had, a few have been memorable. The TV presentation was one of these, where the TV spoke of its ills … finally!Image

The girls set up the presentation in an interview format: H was the questioner while A was the Speaking TV. They made up the script choosing some material from a local book (Story Time) and adding some questions / answers of their own. I hope to put up the interview transcript someday (when it gets typed in). For now there are only a few pictures to share.


The interview answers were pasted at the back of this model

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Presentations Shared

Though we didn’t keep record of all the sessions of presentation club, some of the valuable presentations are shared here as downloadable documents. They can make valuable learning units for Muslim families.

Bishr the Barefoot

Was English necessary



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Baitul Urooz – 25 Feb 2012 Session

This presentation club was special! It happened after some gap because we had gone for Umrah. This time, it didn’t take place in our house, but in Alfalah Manzil. That’s because (1) we could invite ALL of the homeschooler families, plus some new ones who were looking into homeschooling, and (2) the fathers and the boys could also come and sit separately. Some of those invited couldn’t come, but the regular set of families was there plus a few more.

First went little Khadeeja Kiyani, presenting a children’s novel that she had read: “See-saw Girl” by Linda Sue Park (one of my favorite authors).  The story was set in Korea, where girls from rich families could not leave their homes except when getting married. With a little help from her older sister, Khadeeja did an excellent and remarkable presentation.

Next, my sister Aymun did a presentation on Umrah – its excellence and

The model we made - this was used for different studies like History of Makkah, Hajj study and Umrah study

method and our experience, using the model of Masjid-ul-Haram that we had made. Subsequently was a fantastic presentation by Ameena. She had designed and actually made her very own dress! She had made it for a competition and won second prize. I really liked the structure of the gown and the way it drags a little behind you!  Afterwards was me. I read out two chapters from a book I’d written myself: “The Horse Races, Book 3”. It’s about a girl called Amna who participates in a horseback race and also, along with her friend, gives da’wah to a non-Muslim girl who finally accepts Islam. Lastly was Maryam Kiyani’s presentation on Solar Energy. She talked about the disadvantages of generators, and the advantages of solar panels and how you can be eco-friendlier by using them.

By Haadiyah Sajid


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Baitul Urooz – January 24, 2012 Session

Text and Photos by Haadiyah Sajid

In our presentation club, held on 24th January 2012, the presentations were a bit less but they were still great. B and Z started with their presentation on miracles of the Quran.  B.W presented scientific miracles while Z.W presented historical miracles. For all of us, both were thought provoking and faith strengthening. Then Maryam did her presentation: “Charts and graphs”. She explained how different graphs and charts work and their purposes. I liked the interactive part of her presentation where we were asked to estimate and guess about the charts. I was next. I read out an Arabic story I wrote myself, about a girl called Amna and how she helps a poor man by giving him some fruits. My presentation was followed by a fantastic presentation on the Names of Allah, which was done by our Pak-Australian homeschooler friends; Shams, Safiyah and Nabiha. They recited some Names of Allah they’d memorized and showed everyone their lovely posters which had all the Names of Allah. Then, my sister Aymun did her presentation on the bookmarks that we had made for the Book Fair inKarachi. There were some against school, some in favour of homeschool, and some general quotes about reading and education. The new family who is looking into homeschooling was really taken in by those bookmarks (and also by the great presentations) and looked quite convinced. The mothers went on with their discussions and tea and the kids with theirs! This was how we closed our gathering.

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Baitul Urooz – January 10, 2012 Session

Our presentation club, Baitul Urooz, is something one of its kind.  It was formed almost a year ago with a couple of Islooite homeschooling families. We have had a lot of sessions since then. Some new families have joined slowly and started to homeschool. Some other people have got interested in homeschooling by attending the club meetings.

Every person’s presentation is always inspiring, interesting and we always learn from it. Here, I will talk about our presentation club sessions that have happened from January 2012 – March 2012.

At our first club this year (January 10), I did my first presentation on the

Our home-grown crystals

Our home-grown crystals – thanks to Aunty Shazia’s chemistry kit.

laptop, about crystals. Through a Powerpoint presentation, I explained what are crystals, how we grow them, showed different crystals’ pictures, and also showed our home-grown crystals. You can download my crystish presentation here.

Then there was Z.W’s presentation on calligraphy. Z.W showed us different types of calligraphy and their history and also her own great calligraphy that she learnt from her teacher. Next was M. Kiyani’s turn. Her topic was backyard exploration. M.K talked about getting closer to nature by studying it and also showed us her simple, homemade but amazing microscope! She was inspired by my sister Aymun to explore and mentioned this as well. This was followed by H.Nadeem’s presentation on Khutoot-e-Khansa. She spoke about the young homeschooled writer, Maryam Khansa, and read a letter of hers. H.N’s presentation was in Urdu. Finally, H.N’s younger brother U. Nadeem gave a presentation on dolphins. He talked about different types of dolphins, their behaviour, body parts of a dolphin etc. and made a quick mention of the different zones of the ocean.

Being confident and doing your own presentation is wonderful, especially with homeschoolers around! I hope you enjoyed getting to know about our presentation club.

-By Haadiyah Sajid 

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PRESENTATION CLUB – A new beginning

Alhamdulillah we started a homeschoolers presentation club today for Islamabad’s homeschoolers! The objective is to make sure that the homeschooling families of Islamabad (only 4 yet) meet on regular basis and in a more meaningful way than the casual gatherings we have been having for some time. We thought that building public speaking, research and presentation skills of our children is a good idea , specially with the purpose of making them successful da’aees in future inshaAllah.

We consented on the name Baitul Urooz for the new club which means house of presentations and decided to meet fortnightly. In the first meeting, 6 children participated alhamdulillah between ages 13 and 7 . The presentations covered creative writing , poetry recitation , science experiment, horses’ history , Muslims’ glorious past and black headed pythons ! Wow what an amazing mix of areas , subhanAllah. Everyone performed very well , with confidence and enthusiasm. Hopefully the next session will witness more participants inshaAllah !

Black headed python model by Aymun - Created from a balloon 🙂

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