Studying the Quran – Tips from Students

20 Jul

One mostly finds tips on how to study the Quran from elders / teachers. The tips below, however, come from students directly, and so we hope they’ll strike a different cord and give a fresh perspective to those wishing to do Quran study with their children or passionate teachers of Quran. May Allah make this beneficial. 


Studying the Quran – Tips from Aymun (@9) and Haadiyah (@10)

Some kids shy away from reading the Quran or make excuses to avoid it. It is because they are not taught with proper enthusiasm and love. Here are some tips which have helped us.

• Choose a good time for the Quran – not close to the kids’ playtime or your busy time. Sit in a conducive spot and adopt a comfortable posture. Use a separate Mushaf for each of you.

• If you can, teach the child yourself – the child tends to be more relaxed and less stressed with mom. If you cannot, sit and learn with the child. That way, he/she doesn’t feel like a ‘baby’: “Mama doesn’t know either!”

• Make it a habit to begin with Duas asking for increase in knowledge and Amal.

• Discuss the meaning and background of Ayaat. This makes it much more exciting and interesting. Otherwise, the child thinks: “Well, I’ll just get it over and done with.” When you have read an order in the Quran and understood it, there is very little possibility that you would do the opposite. You will remember what you have read.

• Discuss related topics like science, math, politics, current events and history when studying the Quran. This often leads to lengthy discussions and you may realise things about your child that you had never known or discover new Sunnahs or stories!

• Don’t force your child to read when he/she is tired or just not in the mood. Finish whenever you think it is getting a little too much, even if you have not completed your day’s target.

• Listening to Surahs over and over again helps a lot in memorising.

• Celebrate achievements with a gift or outing. Don’t miss out on thumping your child’s back and throwing your arms around her when he/she finishes a Juz or just says something awesome.

• Your parents tell you about right and wrong, but when you see it written in the Quran and you know that Allah is saying it, you feel, “I must do it.”

The above write-up was published in Homeworks magazine, Apr/May/June issue, along with a related article on learning Quran with heart

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