Need vs Want

06 Apr

We try (only TRY) to run our lives around needs instead of wants. This is a trait my mother tried to instill in us and some of my friends complain that I have plagued their lives with the same transmission of thought – they can’t have a ‘good’ time at the malls because of the brain-washing they underwent while shopping with me πŸ˜‰ The funny thing is that once your brain is programmed to shop only for needs, you can’t get away without a guilty feeling if you try to overlook the phenomenon. It’s a life sentence.

I have been trying to explain the same concept to my youngest daughter, almost 5 year old. The bone of contention is again ‘Doodoo’ because she wants it too many times in a day. The other day, we were having our evening Quran session – me and the eldest were discussing Quran and the youngest was busy with her creative pursuit – making a book – around us.

She goes: “Can anyone give me an eraser?”

I call out to her middle sister: “Hanaa wants an eraser, please hand one over to her.”

She corrects me instantly: “Needs not wants!”


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